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New AUTUMN Collection 2022 Colors Builders Nail Art


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Xtreme Fusion Gel

Xtreme Fusion Gel is an innovative, latest generation product and is the perfect fusion between gel and acrylic: Acrygel. Xtreme Fusion comes in 7 different colors: CLEAR COVER PINK TRASPARENT PINK EXTRA WHITE WHITE SHIMMER LATTE MERMAID LATTE Being the

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Cover Pink Builders Gel

COVER REFILL HARD Natural pink builder gel Ideal for salon extensions, but also medium-long ones and refills. Also ideal for natural nail coverage Perfect color for Baby Boomer technique Medium rigid builder Pinzable Thick and viscous Cures in UV 3min

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Clear Builders Gel

TITANIUM GEL Clear crystalline builder gel Blue color, anti-yellowing Ideal for salon extensions, refills Ideal for natural nail coverage Quick and easy to model Flexible builder (after curing) Pinzable Medium density Cures in UV 3min and UV / LED 1.5min

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Crystal Nails – World Champion and Olympic Winner of professional products for all nail technicians who desire excellence

CrystaL Nails is the number one and leading professional product brand in the industry. It has distributors all over the world, in 32 Countries and 4 Continents.

The quality of our products is given by the study and pursuit of perfection, each product has been studied, created and fine-tuned with a winning combination: Master/Chemical technician.

The great strength of Crystal Nails is the continuous updating of techniques and materials, in fact every year seasonal novelties are presented 4 times and with them always new and cutting-edge techniques, to improve the work of all nail technicians! READ MORE …



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excellent products, qualified, trained, professional and very kind staff, I've done some courses with excellent results, congratulations!!
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super cozy shop, the staff girls are always ready to advise you and to welcome you with a smile. they are competent people and always available to meet the needs of us nail technicians. the courses they carry out are very serious and exhaustive and the educator and the patience done in person. I wouldn't trade them for anyone else ...
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I have been working with Crystal nails for more than 8 years! I have also done many courses with them! The products are of excellent quality! The courses and information of world-class! Staff always kind and ready to help 😊Those who want to become "big" must work and study with grown-ups 😉 Love Crystal Nails
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Crystal Nails offers products for EVERY need! The girls are exceptional; always available, open, patient. Their way of holding courses and explaining themselves is accessible to anyone, There will certainly be cheaper brands, but no one guarantees the attention and commitment they put into Crystal Nails. For any problem or advice they are always available, so nothing more than to spend to try a thousand products ... I point to Crystal Nails (Suisse) always!
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Fantastic team, professionalism, kindness, patience and humility! I recommend their courses to everyone!
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I have been working with Crystal Nails for over 7 years and would not trade them with any other brand. Quality and excellence that every nail technician dreams of!