Crystal Nails is the best known and most important international brand with users and distributors spread over 4 continents and 30 countries around the world.

Crystal Nails means products of the highest quality and excellent training, precisely because our goal is to make the work of each nail stylist faster, more precise, more beautiful.

We have many training courses in which we teach innovative techniques and how to achieve new fashion trends.

The quality of our products is given by the study and pursuit of perfection, each product has been studied, created and fine-tuned with a winning combination: Master / Chemical technician. 

This, to ensure the best performance of each single gel, brush, file, color….

The training that our company offers is of the highest standards and boasts a team of Olympic champions who have won dozens of gold and silver medals in more than 200 international competitions around the world. 

The preparation is given from teacher to teacher up to our students, to guarantee the success we have always sought.

Our teachers have been trained with high-level training courses, have taken exams and have been assessed both for their technical skills and for their ability to transmit all their knowledge in the best possible way.


The great strength of Crystal Nails is the continuous updating of techniques and materials, in fact, every year seasonal novelties are presented, together with new and cutting-edge techniques, to improve the work of all nail technicians!

Our Crystal Nails Suisse path was born in 2017, with the opening of our headquarters and academy in Chiasso. The inauguration in Switzerland begins with the Swiss Beauty Expo in Lugano in January 2017.

Our history, however, is much older, we have more than 20 years of experience in this field behind us, always with Crystal Nails, with training courses, customer assistance, salon work, fairs, Nail camp and meetings.

We’re always ready with dedication and love to help those like us who are making their way into the fantastic Nails world of Crystal Nails Suisse

Morena Mazzaron


She’s been involved in the world onail design for over twenty five years. After attending many courses, Morena tries the big step in 2001 by opening her own Aesthetic Center, one of the first Nails Extension Centers in Italy.

In 2003 she created a real school, taking care of the training personally and subsequently linking her name to the Crystal Nails brand.

Further satisfaction comes with the publication of the book “Nail Reconstruction Manual” (ed. Tecniche Nuove), a very useful volume of more than 100 pages which is proposed as a preparation text for aspiring nail technicians and more. The book is already in its second reprint and is available in all bookstores.

In 2015 Morena became the official Nail Technincian Tutor of the broadcast “Detto Fatto” on Rai 2

In 2017 she started the important project in Switzerland, becoming the official distributor of the Crystal Nails Suisse brand. A real love story consolidated over time, always growing to ensure a point of reference for all our customers.

“I like to think that anyone who approaches this world does it for real passion, not just for money. It's very important to have the right preparation, in order to give the customer quality, impeccable and a long lasting service. This is why our academy offers structure and nail art courses, specific for nail technicia. And all the training necessary to make our students real professionals"
Morena Mazzaron
Crystal Nails Suisse CEO and Manager
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