The Dry Manicure course is entirely focused on the perfect cleaning of the cuticular area by using the Drill Machine and its tips, trying to completely eliminate cutting tools such as scissors or cuticles nipper.

You will learn how to handle the drill machine, to recognize the correct bits, how to use all the materials and tools.

You will also learn how to strengthen the natural nail with Compact Base and how to spread the color perfectly without smudging.

In addition, a mini course that will cover how to best photograph your works, how to use lights. What mistakes to avoid in order to take care of the detail

Specifically you will learn:

What is the cuticle and correct removal

Different types of Manicure: Pros and Cons

What is Dry Manicure and the different types of treatments (Russian Manicure and Combined Manicure)

Tools necessary for the realization of the correct Dry Manicure:

Drill Machine and its maintenance

Drill Bits: Different types, how to choose them and how to use them for the perfect cuticular cleaning

Execution of the Dry Manicure: Step by Step with detailed explanation of how to handle the individual bits and the perfect movement.

Step by step for the correct preparation of the natural nail

How to lightly strengthen the nail plate with Compact Base

How to apply the color perfectly “under the cuticle” without smudging

Small tricks to take perfect photographs to better advertise your work

Requirements to participate in the course: It is necessary to have attended a basic course