The Refill course is dedicated to the treatment that takes place after the first reconstruction.

You will learn how to do the monthly retouch, perfectly.

Step by step you will be taught which products to choose and how to best use them.

You will understand how to best manage them to avoid unnecessary waste.

You will learn to manage your work at 360 degrees by reducing treatment times by learning a new material processing technique.

Notions on how to use the Drill machine for the removal phase and to correct any imperfections.

Specifically you will learn:

What is the Refill

Correct timing: By when and why

Tools needed to perform a quick refill: Drill Machine and Drill Bits

Correct handling of the material and use of the brush for quick refill

Filing technique

Problems that may be encountered during treatment, causes and how to solve them

How to correct any changes in shape

Step By Step of execution of the Refill treatment


During the practice, the students will perform a complete Refill

Requirements to partecipate in the course: It’s necessary to have attended a Basic Course