The Acrygel course is designed and dedicated to those who want to learn how to work this new material, but already have a good base.
Acrygel is an innovative, latest generation material for nail reconstruction.
Knowing it is very important for nail technicians who want to feel complete.
In this course you will learn about the material, its characteristics and peculiarities at 360 °.
Its combinations and compatibility. How to manage it perfectly.
How to create an extension on Nail Form and how to use the famous Reverse Tips, for faster work

Specifically you will learn:

  • What is Xtreme Fusion Acrygel and what it looks like
  • Detailed explanation of the main features of the product
  • Compatibility and combination with different products
  • Proper preparation of the natural nail
    Processing technique and product management with specific brushes
  • Filing, polymerization and duration of treatment
  • Reconstruction with Extension on Nail Form
  • Fast reconstruction using Tip Reverse
  • Baby Boomer technique with Cover Pink and White

Requirements to participate: In order to participate, you must have completed a basic course