Our Full Immersion Course is a 5-day course that includes a course package.

A real full immersion of theory and practice that will allow you to enter the fantastic world of Nails with a highly professional and complete training.

Thanks to the very rich program, you can offer your customers a range of different treatments for any type of need.


The Full Immersion COURSE includes:

Basic Course – 1st and 2nd day

Technical Advancement – 3rd day

Refill and Technical Training – 4th day

Soak off and Salon nail art – 5th day


Specifically you will learn:


  • Nail’s Anatomy 
  • Alterations and Pathologies
  • Hygiene, disinfection, sterilization and individual protection 
  • Gel: the chemical composition
  • Preparation of the natural nail
  • Structure and concept of bombing 
  • Filing technique
  • How to spread the color
  • How to seal



  • Study of the Nail Form and the rules for a correct application.
  • Allungation technique
  • Square Shape Parameters
  • Oval Shape Parameters
  • Color Gradient Technique with Ombrè effect



  • Cleaning of the cuticular area using the drill machine and its bits.
  • How to obtain a perfect C-Curve using the Tweezer Technique
  • Salon Almond shape parameters
  • Ballerina shape parameters
  • Rules and parameters for drawing a perfect French on the surface:
  • White French and colored French using Royal Gel



  • What is the Refill
  • Correct timing: By when and why
  • Problems that may be encountered during treatment, causes and how to solve them.
  • Practice of the students on the program explained in the first 3 days



  • Technical explanation of the characteristics, combinations, methods and curing times of Crystal Nails soak off products and lasting of the different treatments:

One Step, 3 Step and Crystalac Effects, Easy Off

Proper preparation of the natural nail for optimal holding and how to remove correctly the product.

  • Salon Nail Art with different materials, such as: BubbleGum, Aquaink, Waterdecall, Swarovski application, Stickers, Ombrè effect, Tiger Eye Infinity and much more

Requirements to participate: The course is open to everyone