The Shapes Course is an advanced one dedicated to those who want their working technique to be perfect.

Two days entirely focused on the structure.

You will learn the parameters of the New Forms, how to correctly position the nail form and how to file them to perfection.

How to handle the builders products, how to move the brush correctly, how to create beautiful and lasting shapes.


In 2 Days, specifically you will learn:

Step by step for the correct preparation of the natural nail

Cleaning the cuticular area with the use of the drill machine and its bits

Correct architecture and parameters of the following New Shapes: Modern Square, Modern Almond, Gothic Almond, Marylin and Pipe

Correct positioning of the Nail Form

Balance Point and C-Curve

Pinching technique

Filing technique

Rules and parameters to create the Salon French

Study of the different shapes of smile line and nail bed

Requirements to participate in the course: It’s necessary to have participated a Basic Course and a Advanced Course and already have good manual skills