Soak Off 360° Course is a true full immersion in the world of Soak Off!

Created for those who approach this world for the first time and have never done any other course. Ideal both for those who want to practice the work of the nail technician, but also for those who want to work only on themselves.

You will learn the structure of the nail, its composition, how to sanitize and how to sterilize work tools. 

How to properly prepare the natural nail for a lasting treatment.

You will learn to work safely, to use the right products and tools.

You will know all the types of Soak off that Crystal Nails offers you, differentiating them by duration of treatment and product application.

You will learn the correct application of all products and also the correct removal.

Specifically, you will learn:

Anatomy of the nail

Alterations and Pathologies

Hygiene, Disinfection, Sterilization and Individual Protection

Technical explanation of the Characteristics, combinations, duration, methods and curing time timing of the following Soak Off products: One Step, 3 Step, Crystalac Effects, Easy Off and Hardener Sand

Preparation of the natural nail for optimal product hold

Correct removal

Requirements to participate in the course: The course is open to everyone