Complete course complete basic course nail technician - gel

Complete Basic Course Nail Technician – Gel
is a real training course lasting 4 full immersion days.
It is a path that includes a package of basic courses, a real full immersion of theory and practice that will allow you to enter the fantastic world of Nails with complete professional training.
Thanks to the very rich program, you will be able to offer your customers a range of different treatments for every type of need.

The COURSE is divided as follows:
Two days of Basic Gel Course, where we will study what gel is, how it works, its application and processing.
How to perform extensions with Gel Tip and subsequently on Nail Form and reconstruct different shapes.
You will learn how to file correctly, how to apply color and how to create a perfect French.

A day dedicated to semi-permanent and nail art/salon applications. On this day you will learn to use all our semi-permanent products in the most complete way, from the preparation of the natural nail to its removal. You will learn the difference between Classic Demi-Permanent and Reinforced Demi-Permanent.
You will learn to create beautiful salon decorations with various Crystal Nails products such as Chromirror Powders, Swarovski, Glitter, Bubblegum..

The training course has been studied ad hoc, created down to the smallest details to give you all the knowledge you will need to start working in complete safety and autonomy.
The first step to start the real training path that no other company is able to give you.
You will receive one of the best trainings in the nail field and you will be followed step by step not only during the course by our Master, but also afterwards! Get all the post-course support you need.

Specifically you will learn:

– Nail anatomy
– Hygiene: disinfection, – sterilization and individual protection
– Gel: Its chemical composition, what it is and how to use it
– Structure and bombing concept
– Classic manicure and preparation of the natural nail to obtain a perfect hold
– How to cover your natural nail
Reconstruction with Gel Tips
– Color application
– Sealing

Demonstration and Students Practice

2 DAY:
– Study of the Nail Form and its rules fot correct application
– Extension technique on Nail Form
– Almond shape
– Oval shape
– Square form
– How to properly file the surface
– Rules and parameters for drawing a perfect French on the surface: Explanation of various different techniques

Demonstration and Students Practice

3 DAY:
– Technical explanation of the specific characteristics of Soak Off Crystal Nails
– Difference between Classic and Reinforced Soak Off
– Preparation of the natural nail
– Correct drafting of products
– How to apply the colour, Crystalac effects, French
– Duration of the various treatments and how to choose them based on the needs of individual clients
– How to remove products correctly: How to dissolve them and how to remove them with a file

Salon Decorations and Nail Art

– Explanations of various products to obtain simple and quick decorations with Crystal Nails products (Glitter, Chromirror Powders, Shades, Stickers, Swarovsky etc etc)

Demonstration and Students Practice

4 DAY (Morning from approximately 9.30 to 12.30)
– Final Mini Test

At the end of each course, the official Crystal Nails Suisse certificate will be issued

Requirements to participate: The course is open to everyone

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