The Advanced Course – 2nd Level is one of the fundamental technical courses for correcting and perfecting one’s work.

You will learn the correct positioning of the Nail Form, with the cuts.
How to correct the shape and how to make it more beautiful and lasting thanks to the pinching technique.

How to manage products and how to create correct and lasting shapes through the knowledge of the right parameters: Square Shape, Almond and Ballerina

You will learn advanced forms in the long version

Furthermore, you will learn how to create different effects such as Baby Boomer and French

Specifically you will learn:

1 Day:
– Review of the basic Crystal Nails techniques: Nail Form Positioning, Natural Nail Preparation, Filing
– Cleaning around the cuticles using the Drill Machine and the bits.
– Bombing and Curve C: The two curves to give resistance to the nail, how to obtain and rebuild them
– Correct technique of pinching
– Parameters and Square Shape Architecture
– Parameters and Architecture Classic Almond Shape
– How to apply perfectly the color
– How to create a perfect French

2nd Day:
– Parameters and Architecture Ballerina Shape
– Baby Boomer in Structure: How to Create the Perfect Shade with Builders
– Different Salon Nail Art Effects

Requirements to participate in the course: It’s necessary to have attended a Basic Course

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