The Third Level Advancement Course is a very advanced course dedicated to those who want their working technique to be perfect.

A day entirely dedicated to the structure and the perfection of the performance of the shape.

You will learn the parameters of two shapes: Modern Almond and Gothic Almond, how to correctly position the nail form and how to file to perfection.

You will learn how to create the French with Builders, how to reconstruct and file the wall and reconstruct the free edge with white and colored constructor with decorative effects under the structure


Specifically you will learn:

  • Cleaning of the cuticular area using the drill machine and drill bits
  • Balance Point and Curve C: What they are and how to create them
  • Parameters and Architecture Modern Almond Shape
  • Parameters and Architecture Gothic Almond Shape
  • Rules and parameters to reconstruct the French Inversa in structure: how to perform an extension of the nail bed and how to correctly manage the material
  • French in structure with white builder
  • French in colored structure with insertion of decorative materials

Requirements to participate in the course: It’s necessary to have participated a Basic Course and a Advanced Course and already have good manual skills

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