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Dry Manicure and Perfect Color is the course that will allow you to have an always super-cured cuticle area and that will teach you all the secrets of a manicure with the Drill Machine.
You will learn how to use the Drill Machine and all types of bits in order to clean the cuticular area flawlessly.
A combination of notions you will need to become better, faster, safer and improve your working technique.

The Drill machine is an indispensable tool for a nail technician and in this course you will learn how to use it to the fullest, learning to handle the machine, to catalog, choose and use all the bits for manicure.

In addition, you will learn how to reinforce the natural nail with reinforcing soak off, without filing with a slim effect and how to apply the color in an impeccable and precise way without stains and smudges.

Our Master will also teach you how to get beautiful pictures by playing with lights and shadows to better promote your works.

Specifically you will learn:

– What is the cuticle and correct removal
– Different types of Manicure: Pros and Cons
– What is Dry Manicure and the different types of treatments (Russian Manicure and Combined Manicure)
– Tools necessary for the realization of the correct Dry Manicure:
 Drill Machine and bits: Different types, how to choose them and how to use them for perfect cuticular cleaning

– Execution of the Dry Manicure – Step by Step with detailed explanation of how to handle the individual tips and the perfect movement.
– Step by step for the correct preparation of the natural nail
– How to perform a slight strengthening of the nail plate with a slim effect without filing
– How to apply the single color perfectly under the cuticle without smudging

– Small tricks to take perfect photographs to better advertise your works

Requirements to partecipate in the course: It’s necessary to have attended a Basic Course

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