Meta Description: Learn about nail artist certification training courses and how to become a certified nail artist with Crystal Nail Suisse.

The Basic Course – 1st Level is a highly professional course that will allow you to learn the beautiful work of the nail technician and to know all the techniques and basic notions on how to correctly apply the Gel and how to perform a perfect nail reconstruction using the Nail Form

The Basic Course was created to give you all the necessary knowledge to start working in complete safety and autonomy. The first step to start the real training path that no other company is able to give you.

You will receive one of the best training in the field of Nails and you will be followed step by step by our Educator and you will receive all the post-course assistance you need.

The course lasts 2 days

Specifically you will learn:

1 Day:
– Anatomy of the nail
– Alterations and Pathologies
– Hygiene: disinfection, sterilization and individual protection
– Gel: Its chemical composition
– Structure and concept of bombing
– How to cover the natural nail with Gel
– Preparation of the natural nail to obtain a perfect seal.
– How to make a correct filing of the surface
– Color application
– How to seal the structure

2nd Day:

– Study of the Nail Form and its rules for correct application
– Stretching technique on Nail Form
– Square, Oval and Almond shape
– Shape and surface filing technique
– Rules and parameters for drawing a perfect French on the surface: Explanation of various different techniques

Requirements to participate: The course is open to everyone

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