acrygel Gel - Update

The Gel Update Course was created for those who want to learn how to work with Gel because they have completed a basic course with other materials such as Acrygel or Acrylic, also knowing how to make an extension with the paper.
Gel is one of the fundamental materials to know in the Nails field, very important for a nail technician who wants to feel complete.
This course will help you discover all the secrets of this material, teach you how to best manage it and how to work with it.
What are the differences between the various gels and how to choose it based on customer needs.

Specifically you will learn:

–  What is GEL and what it looks like
– Detailed explanation of the main features of the product
– Compatibility and combination with different products
– Proper preparation of the nail
– Processing technique and product management with specific brushes
– Filing, polymerization, duration of treatment
– Reconstruction with Nail Form

Requirements to participateIn order to participate, you must have completed a basic course

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