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Shapes Course is an advanced course, essential for increasing technique and perfecting your work.

You will learn the architecture and parameters of 4 new shapes, in the Xtreme version: Stiletto, Marilyn, Gothic Almond and Russian Almond.

You will learn how to correctly handle products, how to build a reverse French, pinching technique and the difference between Bombing and Balance Point.

All this in 2 days thanks to Crystal Nails Suisse

Specifically you will learn:

  • Step by step for the correct preparation of the natural nail
  • Cleaning the cuticle area using the Drill Machine and Drill Bits
  • Correct architecture and parameters of the following New Shapes: Stiletto and Marilyn, Gothic Almond and Russian Almond
  • Correct positioning of the Nail Form
  • Crowning, Balance Point and C Curve
  • Pinching technique
  • Filing technique
  • Rules and parameters for creating the French Reverse
  • Study of the different shapes of smile lines and nail beds

Requirements to participate in the course: It’s necessary to have attended a Basic Course

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