- refill and nail correction

Specifically you will learn:

– What is the Refill
– Correct timing: by when it must be performed and why
– Tools required to perform the Refill: Drill Machine and Drill Bit
– Which material to use to perform the refill and material management
– Filing technique
– Problems that can be encountered during treatment, causes and how to solve them
– How to correct any shape alterations (hook nails and sky jump nails)
– How to arrange and thin the free edge and any structural corrections
– Step by Step execution of the Refill treatment and corrections

The Refill and Nail Correction course is a one-day course, entirely focused on the Refill treatment, what it is, how it is performed correctly, timing and problems, with a focus on shape correction, repair of breaks – cracks.
Use of Drill machines and Drill bit for a quick refill.


Requirements to participate: In order to participate, you must have completed a basic course

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