The Tip Reverse – Acrygel course is an advanced course designed for those who want to learn the most trending manicure techniques of the moment using the Tip Reverse.
During this course you will learn the Tip Reverse technique to speed up your work in the salon, greatly reducing time and obtaining a perfect structure that requires very little filing.

You will learn how to make Inversa French in a white and colored frame
Baby Boomer with flawless shading
Various and beautiful decorative effects in structure

Specifically you will learn:

  • What is Xtreme Fusion Acrygel and what it looks like
  • Detailed explanation of the main features of the product
  • Correct preparation of the nail
  • What are Tip Reverses, how to choose them and how to use them
  • How to get a perfect structure without filing
  • Tip Reverse pinching
  • Reverse French White
  • Gradient Colored Inverse French
  • Baby Boomer / Ombre Effect
  • Decorative effects in Structure

Requirements to participate: It is mandatory to have attended a Basic Course and to have good manual skills with the Acrygel product 

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