The Tip Reverse Xtreme course is an advanced course designed for those who want to learn the trendiest manicure techniques of the moment using Tip Reverse/Dual Form

During this course you will learn the Tip Reverse technique to speed up your work in the salon as much as possible, greatly reducing time and obtaining a perfect structure that requires very little filing.

You will learn to create techniques such as: Inverse French in white and colored structure, Baby Boomer with flawless and various shades and Beautiful decorative effects in structure

We will mainly create long/Xtreme shapes such as Modern Square, Modern Almond, Gothic and Russian

You will learn how to make Inversa French in a white and colored frame
Baby Boomer with flawless shading
various and beautiful decorative effects in structure

Specifically you will learn:

  • What is Xtreme Fusion Acrygel and what it looks like
  • Detailed explanation of the main features of the product
  • Correct preparation of the nail
  • What are Tip Reverses, how to choose them and how to use them
  • How to get a perfect structure without filing
  • Tip Reverse pinching
  • Reverse French White
  • Gradient Colored Inverse French
  • Baby Boomer / Ombre Effect
  • Decorative effects in Structure

Requirements to participate: It is mandatory to have attended a Basic Course and to have good manual skills with the Acrygel product 

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