Introducing Smartgummy, the revolution in nail care! Get ready to experience the ultimate nail pampering with Crystal Nails Suisse. Our range of Smartgummy products will leave you spellbound with their magical touch. From vibrant nail colors to nourishing treatments, we’ve got it all. Say goodbye to dull, lifeless nails and hello to stunning, salon-worthy finishes. With our great prices and lightning-fast delivery, you’ll be flaunting your gorgeous nails in no time. Get excited and indulge in the world of Smartgummy. It’s time to unleash your inner nail artist!

Correct use: push the cuticles, matt with blue zebra file 150, Spray Prep, Nail Prep, Primer Pen, Primer Acid Free, apply the Base BIAB, cure 60 seconds in uv/led lamp, apply the soak off colour (if it is necessary), cure in a UV/LED lamp, apply Top Universal or Top Cool 4 dark, cure 60 seconds in uv/led lamp.

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