Acrylic Powder

Each range of acrylic powders have been developed with different characteristics, ensuing you have every option you require. Different setting speeds, a great variety of colours and ‘Easy’ file options.
Xtreme Powders

Really pure colours; best ingredients/finely ground; non-yellowing; cures in stages, slow at first then faster
Master Powders

Normal/fast set; smooth and quick cure; ideal for experienced technicians and competitions; evenly ground grains
Slower Powders

Smooth and slow cure; extra time for application and pinch; good for beginners or warmer environments; non-yellowing; bubble free, finely ground
Cover Pink Powders

Cover pinks for nail bed extension, correction, evening tone or hiding demarcations
Easy Powders

Easy to file; two speed group for perfect pink and white application – even setting times for pinching; work wetter with all powders
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