Builder In A Bottle is a new technique with new stunning products:
Compact bases and SmartGummy will give you the strength and durability you find with gel and acrylic on a faster application and comfortable wear
Soak off vs Compact bases and smartgummy
The main difference between the two options is that BIAB lasts longer than Soak Off polish.
BIAB is applied to the natural nail as a reinforcement to recreate the C curve. The treatment lasts 3-4 weeks.
So you will get nails with a natural effect like soak off but strong and resistant like a gel.
in this category there are only some BIAB (Compact Base Gel and SmartGummy), You can discover the complete collections in the Bases category, BIAB Builder In A Bottle.

Correct use: push the cuticles, matt with blue zebra file 150, Spray Prep, Nail Prep, Primer Pen, Primer Acid Free, apply the Base BIAB, cure 60 seconds in uv/led lamp, apply the gel color or soak off colour, cure in a UV/LED lamp, apply Top Universal or Top Cool 4 dark, cure 60 seconds in uv/led lamp.

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