Play with us on Instagram and Facebook and win a Crystal Nails Suisse voucher worth 150 chf

Be one of the 3 lucky winners to win a Crystal Nails Suisse voucher


Game organizer:

Crystal Nails Suisse Via Livio, 16 6830 Chiasso
091 235 45 07 –

Game name: #ColorYourSummer

1 – Make your favorite summer nails (at least 5 nails i.e. a full hand) and take a good quality photo without any effects/filters.

The Crystal Nails products used must be present in the picture

2 – Post the image on your Instagram or Facebook account and tag our pages:

Instagram: @crystalnailssuisse 

Facebook: Crystal Nails Suisse

3 – Follow the instagram page @crystalnailssuisse and Facebook Crystal Nails Suisse

4 – Only residents or residents of Switzerland can participate in the game

5 – Teachers, masters, educators CANNOT participate in the contest

6 – In order to participate in the game, the player must have a facebook account or a public instagram account with which can be identified

7 – The game is free and does not imply any obligation to purchase

8 – The Contest starts on Wednesday 23 June and will end on Tuesday 30 August.

The winners will be announced on Friday  10 September at 12.00

3 winners will be selected who will win a voucher of 150 chf

9 – The purchase voucher can be redeemed on our online site and shipped only in Switzerland, or at our main shop in Via Livio, 16 6830 Chiasso

10 – The winners will be notified by the game organizer with a private message on Instagram or Facebook, and the procedure for making and receiving the prize will be communicated.

11The Contest will be valid with at least 20 participants.


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